Beginnings of a Software Developer

Greetings Fellow Icicles:

The hyper cool caster is here to do some commentary on the ESL Dev team! Maybe they don’t want me doing this, but let’s give it a try anyhow.

Life at the ESL is pretty fun overall, I started work in November and the group of guys and the team here are just really chill. I have been part of many software teams and this one is by far the best. We’re all young guys in our mid 20s who grew up as gamers and computer nerds. It’s really easy to talk to everyone and collaborate on ideas.

The life of a new developer isn’t easy though, the code base is incredibly verbose and deciding what to implement and when takes a lot of careful planning. My starting role is to learn this code base and become familiar with the system. In order to do this I have to do a lot of testing and paired programming. When I feel confident enough I take a task off of our very large task board and try to develop a new feature for all ESL users. It’s never easy and I have to ask for help, but when I do I have a really good team that will help me understand what needs to be done.

Code on,

David “Icicle” Rynearson

Author: David Rynearson

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    keep your head up :)

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    encore bani esl en plus une semaine serieux vous croyez que c est normal