“My life for Aiur!” – Open source SC2 replay analyzer

After we released some docs for the s2protocol by Blizzard Entertainment (https://github.com/Blizzard/s2protocol), I’m sure you know, that we are building something and here it is:

Aiur, our replay parser and analyzer based on the s2protocol, 100% free, Python powered and: Glutenfree! Hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/TurtleEntertainment/aiur

What’s so special about it? Well, compared to sc2gears, sc2reader, etc. nothing, because they are more powerful, but Aiur is using the s2protocol and therefore is more safe in reading the replays instead of guessing. Please don’t understand me wrong: I don’t want to talk bad about sc2gears, sc2reader, etc., for gods sake, no! These are great, great tools/projects but if we want to analyze replays for the ESL, we need something different, so we developed Aiur! :)
And we said: Hey, let’s make this public, let the people out there feel a bit of the ESL and let them develop even better things based on what we have started! :)

For sure, we will improve this project over the time and give it more and more features. But let’s start small! :)

So: Feel free to use, fork and/or develop with it! glhf!!


Author: Andreas Hofmann

  • http://www.bolee.com/ Dee Baig

    Amazing! Analyser plays an important role in understanding data stream. It may allow you to quickly find replay in your collection. The fact that it is open-source increases its reliability as it means that it is open to all to develop, use and distribute. Open source means that programmers contributed their skills out of interest to produce this product.